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GRUNTZ animation series!!!

2010-12-14 14:52:15 by mayder99

Everyone who has atleast heard of Halo, knows the pure halarity of the GRUNT covenent unit.

But out of these funny death/situation vocals, sleeping on the job instanses, and funny as hell reactions.

But what are the Grunts doing when your not slaughtering them in a joyfull matter?

Its time to find out!

After years of model testing and bone rigging complexity, I have finaly learned enough animation skills to start a new series on both you tube, and Newgrounds...

I shall call it...


(p.s.) If you are wondering in what I mean as in bone rigging and model testing,
go to xTqI
to see one of my most early model sets and bone riged animations... Of corse in a Retarted zombie test line... "Retards vs Zombies"